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Select from our range of:

  • Furniture designed and manufactured by us
  • Re-upholstered Chairs and Armchairs
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1.Pink Armchair

2.Jacquard Green Armchair

3.Tiger Print Armchair

4.Dark Wood Frame Creme Armchair

5.All White Armchair

6.All Curves Creme Armchair

7.GranPa Armchair

8.Narrow Stripe Armchair

9.Black and White Stripe Arm Chair

10.Wide Stripes Armchair

11.Black and White GranMa Armchair

12.Black and White Stripe Silver Frame Armchair.

13.Black and White Stripe Gothic Chair

14.Black and White Stripe Chair

15.Combination Armchair

16.Wide Stripe Chair

17.Black Seat Stripe Chair

18.Tiger print chaise Bas

19.Black and White Striped Ottoman

20.Tiger Print Ottoman

21.White Chaise Bas

22.Pink Chair

23.Retro Red Armchair

24.Red and White Armchair

Sofas and Ensembles

25.Day Dream Sofa

26.Red Bean Sofa

27.Black White Floral Long Chair

28.Black White Corner Unit

29.Black and White Stripe Colonial

30.Panther SofaBed

31.Red Velvet Sofa

32.Red white trim Sofa

33.Red Empire ensemble


35.Beige Ensemble

36.Green Velvet Ensemble

37.White Satin Sofa



38.Black Entry Table